Talking Art | Podcast 04 Roland Hemmert ‘Spirit of Place’

Talking Art Podcast Episode 4

Talking Art | Roland Hemmert in conversation with Wendy Tsai, Talking Art founder, about ‘Spirit of Place’

Held at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, Australia on Sat, 2nd Feb 2019, another special event  for a Talking Art podcast session.

Wendy Tsai was in conversation with local artist Roland Hemmert for an immersive, interesting exploration of a unique artist’s relationship with place. Roland is a well-known mountains artist who exhibits regularly and is recognised for his colourful paintings and drawings of the mountains and parts of Central Australia. Roland has a deep spiritual connection with the places he explores, and his paintings and pastel drawings express this deep appreciation for the earth and natural world and for the connection he learned by interaction with our country’d indigenous population.

‘For me there is a mystery present within (the landscape) and art making is the means by which we try to understand it.’

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The conversation was led by Talking Art Founder Wendy Tsai, a well known artist in her own right in the mountains and a member of BMCAN, the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network, a growing Tour De Force in the mountains arts scene.